Hi, i'm xistence

Creative, Artist, Developer
...am i? With nearly 50 years in age i have been a creative mind since decades now, doing artwork, programming, design and more. I'm an autodidact person with a lot of ideas, stories and imaginations.
...do i come from? Germany, born and living here my whole life.
...can i do? A lot: traditional art, digital art, concept art, web-designs, CI-designs, programming webpages, web-apps, desktop-apps, tools, games... .
...have i done so far? I worked as Webdesigner, Application-Developer, Game-Developer, Back- and Frontend-Developer, Concept-artist. You can find a lot in my gallery or my projects.
...am i currently doing? Working as Frontend-Developer.
...do i plan to do? Well, we'll see, whatever comes to mind.
...can you contact me? Easy, just go to my contact page, i'm pretty sure you will find something.
...can you buy or licenses something? As before, you're welcome to get in contact.